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How do I book a stay at Boreland Loch Tay?

It’s easy! You may reserve securely from our website, by calling our office on 01887 827691 or emailing us at [email protected]. A 20% initial deposit is required to secure the reservation and will be applied to the total balance owed. Your final balance is due 8 weeks prior to your arrival. If you make the reservation within 8 weeks of check-in, the total balance is due.

What payment methods are accepted?

Are there any additional charges?

Is there parking on site?

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Can I make changes to my reservation?

How many people can each property accommodate?

What time may I check-in/check-out?

How do I get to Boreland Loch Tay?

How do I get access to the property?

Do you offer housekeeping?

Are bedding and towels included in my booking?

What other facilities are included in my reservation?

Do you provide catering and is breakfast included?

What is included in the BBQ pack?

Can I have shopping delivered?

Is there a restaurant or pub on site or nearby?

What activities are available?

What is included in The Ultimate Stag Weekend Package?

Are there any other guests on site and is it all stag parties?

Do you allow children?

Do you allow pets?

What is the emergency procedure?

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